Rizzle Kicks with Entertainmentwise, September 2013
Interviewer: Who is the most outrageous drunk out of your famous friends?
Jordan: Ed Sheeran. 100%. He's so funny. *laughing* He's so funny; he's unbelievable.
Harley: He's really funny.
Interviewer: In what way?
Jordan: I don't know. He's just fucking hilarious. He gets really loud and like, lairy... rap battles anything or anyone.
Harley: He starts to like, sometimes like lose what the idea of what personal space is, as well...
Jordan: *laughing*
Interviewer: Has Ed ever got with a girl?
Jordan: Yes. *funny look* Has he ever got with a girl? Yes, he's got with many girls.
Interviewer: Like a girlfriend situation.
Jordan: Yeah. What do you mean - his whole first album was about that first girlfriend he had!
Interviewer: Yeah yeah yeah, but since he's been in the spotlight.
Jordan: Yeah, he has. He's had like... three?
Interviewer: Oh, okay. So he just keeps them quite low profile.
Jordan: Yeah. Because he's not stupid.